The R Story Too!

Reviewing the last episode of our rocket crew’s adventure, Roger, Rita, Rachel and

Raymond were in trouble and about to wreck the razzmatazz rocket in the river rock

rainstorm. The rocket was rolling out of control, it was rusted and the rudder and

gauges were damaged. The crew were not sure what to do next.

Rita radioed to the nearest planet for help. The closest planet was Ruso. It was

only 4 million miles away. The air traffic controller answered on the radio and

instructed their safe landing on the emergency wreck tarnac. The rocket wrecking

crew was waiting for their landing and used their giant wrecker to tow the rocket to

the rocket repair hangar for repairs.

In the meantime, the rocket crew went to the rocketport to rest and recuperate.

There were restrooms, restaurants and three recreation rooms at the rocketport.

Ruso was a planet where everyone went to vacation. It was known for its resorts,

restaurants, rodeo, rock climbing, river rapids rides and roller coasters. Ruso was

inhabited by rats, rabbits, raccoons, roosters, red river hogs, river dolphins,

rheas, reindeer, ringtails, rhinoceroses, robins, rufous rat-kangaroos and rock hyraxes.

There were no humans on the planet. All of the animals appeared to get along

together and were not concerned when others from different planets visited. After

all, Ruso was a vacation resort. The rocket crew relaxed and ate ratatouille and

ravioli and drank raspberry juice for two days, while their rocket was being


On the third day of their stay, the door to one of the recreation rooms was suddenly

rammed open. There were three large rhinoceros standing in the broken door demanding

answers to the questions of who were they, where were they from, and why were they

there? The crew could hear the other guests running, screaming and hiding in fear.

Rachel introduced the entire rocket crew to the rhinos and explained the purpose of

their mission. Roger explained what happened to their rocket. The leader of the

rhinos was Roxanne. She was the largest of the three and she had no problem showing

her wrath that day. The other two rhinos, Rabia and Ramona did most of the ranting

and raving which scared most of the guests. Roxanne reminded the crew that their

stay was to be very short and to get out and do not return! The rhinos rudely

retreated from the recreation area. The rabbit in charge removed the rammed doors

and calmed the guests down and said that this was normal for the three rhinos to

rant and rave, they always tried to bully any guest that was human and wreck the

resorts. Rabbit said that their rambunctious raids would have to end soon or the

entire planet would suffer. The rocket crew reviewed the problem and decided to

help. Raymond checked on the progress of the rocket repair. He went to the hangar

where the rocket was being repaired and the raccoon in charge reviewed his roster as

he walked around it. The rocket was on a rack in the air with ten or more rats

making all of the repairs. The rudder was replaced, the rocker cover, and the radio

too. The rocket was sanded to remove the rust and painted razzmatazz red. The

raccoon continued to check his list. He announced that the rocket would be ready to

ride in four hours. Meanwhile, back at the rec room, Roger, Rita and Rachel planned

a way to save planet Ruso from the roaming, ruthless, ruckus of Roxanne and her

rhino gang. The rocket crew challenged the rhinos to a rocket racket ball game where

the loser must stop bullying and ripping up the planet. Roxanne and her rhinos

accepted the challenge. Raymond radioed to Roger that the rocket would be ready in

48 hours. Rita and Rachel shopped for the rackets and balls that they would need for

the rocket racket ball game. Roxanne and her rhinos replaced the worn parts on their

rhino rocket. Raymond soon returned with the razzmatazz rocket ready for the racket

ball game. The racket ball game began at two at the Grand Ruso Sport Stadium. The

game was sold out! It looked like all of the animals and visitors on vacation were

at the game. The rocket crew were in their ship reading the gauges and getting the

rocket ready for the game. Roxanne and the rhinos were in their ship which looked

like a giant surf board with a glass domed top. The game began with the red rubber

racquetball sailing toward Roxanne with rapid speed. Roxanne and her rhinos missed!

The crowd roared as the razzmatazz rocket crew scored! Roxanne served and the rocket

crew returned the ball and Roxanne missed again! This went on for more than an hour.

It was clear that the rocket crew had won this game of rocket racketball! When the

game ended, Roxanne was presented with the Rules of Ruso which included no bullying,

no reckless or rambunctious behavior. Roxanne agreed to repair all damage she and

her rhinos made on the planet. Roxanne and her rhino gang will be watched by radio

television and if they break the rules, they will be removed from the planet and not

allowed to return.Roxanne signed two copies of the agreement. The Razzmatazz Rocket

crew presented Roxanne and the rhinos a gift of peace and friendship. It was a big

basket of ramen noodles, radishes, raisins and ricotta cheese;snacks that the rhinos

really liked.

The residents and visitors of Ruso cheered with happiness because their planet was


It was again time for Roger, Raymond, Rita and Rachel to return to the razzmatazz

rocket to explore new galaxies, solar systems and planets and spread peace and

friendship. The next adventure was to the Rhombus galaxy!

The R Story

Roger, Rachel, Raymond, and Rita are ready for a new adventure as they will leave

the Milky Way Galaxy and explore new galaxies, solar systems, and planets in the

universe. They will be traveling in their razzmatazz rocketship to their first

destination, the Rhumba Galaxy, ten million light years away from earth. Rhumba

Galaxy has eight thousand solar systems. They decided to visit the Radon Solar

System and its planets to learn more about life in other galaxies and to spread

friendship. The rapid ride of their razzmatazz rocket ship took Roger, Rachel,

Raymond, and Rita to the red planet of Radius.

Radius looks a lot like earth except everything is red. Roger, Rachel, Raymond, and

Rita landed in an area that looked like earth’s Russia. On Radius it is called

Root. The people that live on radius have gold skin and blue hair. They are three

feet tall and have three eyes, arms, and legs and run really fast. All of the

buildings on Radius are round and are red, of course. The houses are round, the tall

buildings and short buildings are round. The cars and planes are round. The trains

are round. The only thing not round and red are the people. Roger, Rachel, Raymond

and Rita gave red rubber rafts, jump ropes, raspberry fudge and red hot bark as

gifts to the citizens of Radius. They also played red rover, red light-green light,

and rugby with the people. Soon it was time to board the razzmatazz rocket to go and

everyone waved goodbye. They were now off to the next planet called Reverse.

Reverse was a strange planet to Roger, Rachel, Raymond, and Rita. Everything was

backward! They landed in a place that looked like Rome on earth, but the statues

heads were on backward, the doors were on the roof of the buildings and houses and

the chimneys were on the ground. The people and the animals walked and flew backward

and their heads were on backward too! Everything moved backward. The cars, planes,

trains, bicycles, motorcycles, trucks and buses all moved backward and they were

rapid too. The people spoke Ruswanda, which sounded like backward English. Roger had

a special translator machine that he kept in his spacesuit pocket for times like

these. The favorite food here was rootbeer and rutabagas. The crew really enjoyed

watching the people eat and drink. It was like watching a circus or magic act where

the people folded themselves into painful shapes. Raymond took pictures with the

families and their relatives. The people were very friendly, but always in a rush,

moving and talking at a rapid pace in reverse. The crew decided it was time to

board the razzmatazz rocket and blast off to the next solar system eight billion

light years away. The trip this time was very rough. They had to pass through a

rainstorm of small river rocks that made rust marks on the razzmatazz rocket. The

rainstorm was so strong, that it broke one of the readings of the gauges on the

dashboard of the rocket! The special red ray lights in the rocket kept blinking on

and off until they went out! There was so much rubble and the rocket began to roll

as it passed through the rock rainstorm. Rita reported a rip on the right side of

the razzmatazz rocket, but no one is able to make any repairs at this time. The rain

is coming down harder now! Will Roger, Rachel, Raymond, and Rita make it to the

next solar system? Will the rock rainstorm wreck the razzmatazz rocketship? Stay

tuned next week to reveal the real answers as the R Story continues!

The V Story

It’s four A.M. and it’s still dark outside. Valerie

Vessyl is sitting on the veranda of her villa packing her very fresh verdant and

vermeil vegetables from her farm for Virgil Vinn to transport in his vegetable

transport van to the village. Virgil will deliver the vegetables to Vernon Vase’s

Grocery Store for vending and Vera Valen’s Restaurant for her famous viand vegetable

soup with vendace, veal, and venison. Virgil Vinn stops at all the farms and gardens

inside and outside the village and transports the fresh fruits and vegetables to the

restaurants, stores, schools, and hospitals in the village every day.

It’s now 6 A.M. and the sun is starting to rise.

Violet Vine is vacuuming her Dee-Vine-Flowers Shop in the village. She just received

her new delivery of vincas, verbenas, violets, viburnum, and venus fly traps from

Vanessa Vikfer’s Flower Delivery Service. Her vivid and vibrant vase arrangements

will vanish very quickly at the Video and Vocal Music Festival that starts today in

the valley at the edge of the village.

It’s seven A.M. and everyone is starting to stir in

the village. The children are rushing to school in lots of vehicles. Some children

are going by bus, some by bike, some by car and some walking briskly to their

schools. Parents are in cars on their way to work, stopping at Victoria Videl’s

Bakery for hot Vienna fingers, vitex and verbena teas, and coffees. The smell of

Venezuela, Vintage and Viennese coffees and vanilla fill the air.

It’s 9 A.M. and the rush is over. Everyone is at

work or school. Virgil Vinn has delivered the fresh vegetables to the schools. The

cooks in the kitchens in the schools have started making vegetable soup, vindaloo,

vla and Vienna sausages. You can hear the student’s voices down the halls as they

name their vowels, verbs and vocabulary words. Virginia Valley’s Clothing Store has

opened and she has just finished her bridal veils, velvet vests, and visors

displays, half off with vouchers. Verner the postal carrier is delivering his

packages and mail with such velocity! The Great Veldt Veterinary Clinic is quite

busy now. Voles, vultures, viscacha, vaquitas, and vangas are sitting in the

waiting room for their vaccines and vitamins.

It’s twelve noon and time for lunch! The students

are in the cafeteria eating their vegetables for lunch. The parents are at the

restaurants and cafe, eating the specials for the day.  Vana and Vorick

Vacations Shop show valuable vacations to Veracruz, Virgin Islands, Venezuela,

Vietnam, Venice, Verona via voyages. Vermont, Virginia and Vancouver views by

rail. Verity and Valentina visit the very sick and injured at Viking Hospital and

take verbena and violets in small vials to share with the patients there. The

Village fire trucks zoom with great velocity down the street to put out the grass

fire in a nearby veldt.

Three o’clock in the afternoon and the children are

out of school, on their way home to do volume, vocabulary, lessons on vertical and

horizontal direction, verb, and vowel homework. The school vehicles take them to the

bus stops and the children walk or ride their bikes home. The parents are still at


Now it is 5:00 P.M. and there are many vehicles in

the streets of the village. Big cars, little cars, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles,

big trucks, little trucks, buses. These are all the parents going home from work.

Parents rushing home to prepare dinner for their families and check their children’s

homework. It’s time to get ready for the festival!

It’s seven P.M. and people are at the gate, in the

veldt in the valley of the volcano, for the Annual Video and Vocal Music Festival.

This year’s theme is the Victory of the Vikings, Vampires, and Vanity. The audience

must have a valid voucher to attend the festival. The vocalists and the audience

are singing all the verses to the songs with great volume. The orchestra is playing

the violins,  violas, veena, vakiha, virginal and vibraslap with the

vocalists. The videos are vivid and visible from every seat in the valley. The

audience joins in with the dance videos of the verbunkos and the vogue. You can

smell the vinegar and vanilla in the air from the cupcakes, cookies, dill and sour

pickles for sale.

Everyone is having a great time!

Now it’s 12 AM midnight and everyone is home in bed

asleep. All is quiet in the village. There is not a peep. Not a dog was barking or

cat meowing or a mouse squeak. Everyone is fast asleep.

The K Story

Keith Kiwi and The King Key Kids are playing at Kenneth’s Kitchen Club, in downtown Kentucky City, Kansas, this month. He and his band will be providing the dining guests with the most knockout, keen, kind of music.

Keith Kiwi will be playing his kora, kabyz, and kokle. Kerry Kangaroo will be joining him with his kalimba, kokinko, and kolintang. Kit Koala will be on kolokolo, kompang, and kosika. Kyle Kudu will be playing the koto, kakko, and the kalingo. Kurt Kinkajou will be the featured special guest on kempur, kes kes, and khartal. Vocals will be sung by Kiera Kerodon, Kendra Kite, and Khalil Kookaburra.

The wonderful and delicious menu at Kenneth’s Kitchen Club will be:

Kombu appetizers to knaw on,

Kabobs, kohlrabi, kumis, kale, kitambilla, kiwi, kie apple and ketembilla pies, kumquats, kefir bread, kedgeree, kingfish and knackwurst with ketchup for dinner, all cooked by Kenneth’s Kitchen Club’s kind chefs, Katherine Kodkod, Kaden Kultar and Kira Kakapo.

Drinks of fresh apple cider from the keg will be served through the night.

There will be after dinner exercises of dancing the knee kicking koftos and krumping to the kooky kazoo tunes that we all know led by The Kenya Khaki Kayak Knights dance instructors.

Be sure to make your reservations soon to the key to a wonderful evening, this month at Kenneth’s Kitchen Club in the kaleidoscope town of Kentucky City, Kansas!

The Z Story

Zoom, zoom, zoom.

Zachary Zebra is painting zigzags in his room.

Zing, zing, zing.

Zuri Zapatarail was practicing songs to sing.

Zap, zap, zap.

Zander Zebu was writing rap songs.

Zug, zug, zug.

Zoe Zorilla plays her zither.

Zoe Zorilla plays her zither. Zander Zebu was writing rap songs. Zuri Zapatarail was practicing songs to sing. Zachary Zebra was painting zigzags in his room. And the zong goes on and on.The zong goes on and on.

Zoom, zoom, zoom.

Zuberi wears his zoot suit with a zillion zippers.

Zing, zing, zing.

Zula dances the zydeco.

Zap, zap, zap.

Zeno sings zany songs.

Zug, zug, zug.

Zavia sails down the Zambezi River.

Zavia sails down the Zambezi River. Zeno sings zany songs. Zula dances the zydeco. Zuberi wears his zoot suit with a zillion zippers. Zoe Zorilla plays her zither. Zander Zebu was writing rap songs. Zuri Zapatrarail was practicing songs to sing. Zachary Zebra was painting zigzags in his room. And the zong goes on and on. The zong goes on and on.

Zoom, zoom, Zoom.

Zane Zabi brought zesty zhoog zucchini and ziti for a picnic in the zephyrs of the Zaire


Zelena Zigor brought zuppa and zopf for the picnic on the Zaire River.

Zander Ziven brought zimtsterne and zeppoli for the sweet delight for dessert for the

picnic on the Zaire River.

Zany Zev Zelotes left the zoo to bring the zaffer plates for the picnic on the Zaire River.

Zany Zev Zelotes left the zoo to bring the zaffer plates for the picnic on the Zaire River.Zander Ziven brought zimtsterne and zeppoli for the sweet delight for dessert for the picnic on the Zaire River. Zelena Zigor brought zuppa and zopf for the picnic on the Zaire River. Zane Zabi brought zesty zhoog zucchini and ziti for a picnic in the zephyrs of the Zaire River.Zavia sails down the Zambezi River. Zeno sings zany songs. Zula dances the zydeco. Zuberi wears his zoot suit with a zillion zippers. Zoe Zorilla plays her zither. Zander zebu was writing rap songs. Zuri Zapatrarail was practicing songs to sing. Zachary Zebra was painting zigzags in his room. And the zong goes on and on. The zong goes on and on.

The W Story

Worldwide Wednesday News


Willie Walrus was sitting on a white wall of ice during winter while eating whiting and watching penguins and puffins waddling by.

Wally Whale waved his large tail as he whisked through the ocean waves on his way to his home in Wales.

Wanda Warthog was walking through the wild wheat and wild rice in the wind in Wichita.

William Whippoorwill whistled his wonderful witty song in the walnut and willow woods in West Virginia.

And now for other news…

Warren Wallaby suffered a right wrist wound in a wreck with Wilma Waterdragon. Wilma only had a cracked window. Warren’s wound is wrapped in a wool bandage to prevent it from becoming worse.Wayne Wasp was the witness to the wreck and he said Warren was weaving while driving.

Wesley and Winnie Waterbuffalo will be traveling to Warsaw next week to cover the Winter triathlon, weightlifting, and wrestling news on next Wednesday.

Wade Wallacean Whistler, the one hundredth time winner, will be riding the waves at the Annual  National Wakeboarding Contest at Waikiki this Wednesday.

Won Walkingstick walked the one thousand kilometer Wisconsin Walking Marathon for lost wolf habitat in record time.  She raised one million waterbucks for the cause.

Wren Wapiti and her family have wandered to Wyoming for the winter. You may contact her by writing to

Waylon Waterdog has been in the watchdog business for four years. Waylon will know who, what, when and why your property is being visited or disturbed. His specialty is watching for woodpecker, wombat and weasel trespassings. Waylon will also serve arrest warrants. Please call Watchdog One at 999-444-1111 to hire Waylon for your watchdog needs.

Wania Wombat of Washington has a new weight loss program guaranteed to slim your waist without lifting weights. She will have you eating tasty watermelon, wheat crackers, wonton soup, weiners, white chocolate, walnuts, waffles and water chestnuts, while still losing weight. Her program has a one year warranty or she will replace your whole wardrobe.Watch her new web show on

Wendell and Wanjiru Wildebeest went wade fishing for whitefish, walleye, warmouth and wimple with Wyatt Wandering Whistling Duck at Waldo Lake.

New wizard class begins Wednesday at one at Willow’s Whimsical Welcome Center. Wands, whips, washcloths and washbasins will be provided.

Winston Woodchuck and Winona Wolverine will have a snow-white winter wedding in one week on the weekend in Walla Walla, Washington.

For more Worldwide Wednesday News, write Warner Wolverine or Wafaa Warrigal on the web at

The P Story

Perry Parrot perched on his purple peg on the pink porch planned the perfect picnic and pool party for Penny Pig and the rest of his friends.

He planned a menu of purple-hulled peas, pistachios, pickles, pinto beans, potato chips, pecan pudding, pears, plums, peanuts, pine nuts, pomegranate, pineapples, pancakes, paella, parsnip, peaches, pepperoni pizza, popcorn, poblanos, bell peppers, popsicles,plantains, pumpkins, pilaf and punch.

He invited Pete Porcupine, Paul Peacock, Philip Panther, Patrick Puma, Pamela and Phuong Penguin, Pin Pony, Parker Pointer, Patricia Poodle, Paige Pomeranian, Pandora Pug, Phoebe Persian, Piper, Polo, Pace, Pia and Portia Pike, Powah Polarbear, Peggy and Ping Panda, Pier Pelican. Pip Pheasant, Peta Puffin, Pyo Prayingmantis and Payton Porpoise.

Perry prepared the pool by starting the pumps and pruning the plants, cleaning the pit, patio furniture and placed some pads in the pen. He paved the path to the pond and painted the pergola and dance platform. Perry planted petunias, peonies, and portulaca and palms near the pool and the pond. He hung peach paper lanterns and made the yard look like a peaceful park.

The day of the party was final here. Penny Pig was very pleased to see all of their friends in their swimming finery! Everyone brought presents for Penny Pig to play with. Patricia Poodle, Paige Pomeranian, Phoebe Persian and Pandora Pug passed through the pergola in their pink bikinis, polka-dot maillots, and purple pumps and posed on their pink and purple pillows around the pool. They didn’t want to get their perfect pom-pom hairstyles wet! Peggy and Ping Panda sat under the giant peach parasol while taking pictures of everyone at the party. Piper, Polo, Pace, Pia and Portia Pike were swimming in the pond. Pamela and Phuong Penguin were diving and sliding in the pool along with Peta Puffin and Payton Porpoise. Parker Pointer paddled in the deep end of the pool. Philip Panther and Patrick Puma rode pedal boats in the pond.

Pin Pony, Philip Panther, Powah Polarbear and Penny Pig danced the Penguin, the Popcorn, the Mashed Potato, the Pony and the Pachanga all day and into the night on the platform while Pete Porcupine played pop hits on the piano and Perry Parrot played the piccolo. Pyo Prayingmatis checked in presents, phones, painful pumps, purses, and pocketbooks. Pip Pheasant grilled bell peppers and poblanos on the pit while Pier Pelican painted portraits of Paul Peacock, Philip Panther, Patrick Puma and the guests.

Powah Polarbear, Peta Puffin, Pamela and Phuong Penguin cooled down with peach and pineapple popsicles.

Everyone danced and swam by the light of Polaris in the sky and ended the party pooped with peppermints and parfaits and packed the food away. Penny read a pleasant poem and thanked her guests for the pretty presents brought to the party as she politely walked her guests to the pergola.  Good night!

The N Story

Nikki, Norry, Nina, Nancy, Noah, Nero, Nadia, Norbert, Nadim, and Nero, all noticed one night that a number of neighborhood nests looked neglected and showed natural normal wear and needed repair. With Nancy taking notes, the nine friends decided to start a new nest repair business. They decided to name themselves:

”The Nimble Nine Neighborhood Nest Repair Company”
All repairs from a nickel to nineteen-ninety-nine.
No knockoffs used in our repairs!
We never refuse repairs.

Nancy and Noah stayed at the office to manage the notes, notices and calls. Nikki, Nora, Nina, Nero, Nadia, Nadim and Norbert used their nimble skills to repair the nests.

The first repair will be on the the nest next door,the nine agreed. The one in the Northern Pin Oak tree. It was a nuthatch nest with nasty little holes that nine nesting nuthatch gnawed through the floor of the nest. Norry and Nadia used their trusty knife and nimble fingers to nip and sew netting to make a new, nice and neat floor for the nest at a cost of ninety cents!

The next nest to be repaired was the nightingale nest near the end of the block. It was narrow and the nightingales were barely fitting in the nest. The Nimble Nine decided to wait until noon to knock at the nightingale nest since they are nocturnal and would be napping during the day. They returned at noon and negotiated with the nightingale’s’ work to add a nursery with nipples, with as little noise as possible, using the brightest nips and bits of newspaper, nails and nuts. The nightingales only paid nine-ninety nine!

The news about The Nimble Nine Neighborhood Nest Repair Company, traveled so fast that now neighbors nationwide were calling for their services. They received calls from New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Nebraska, North Dakota, New Mexico, and Nevada.
They were receiving requests to paint nests navy blue for the retired nautical noddy. They were asked to nail the knotholes in used woodpecker nests and repair the crow’s nest on the ship where Nosey the New Britain Dwarf Kingfisher lives.

The Nimble Nine soon became internationally known for their newly finished and repaired nests. They had requests from Nepal, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua and Nigeria too! They were asked to build birdhouses with special rooms for birds with long numb necks and cramped knees, small houses for single birds, wide nests for growing families, and narrow nests for empty nest parents. A nurse also called to ask to have a nest hospital for birds that had accidents while flying.

One night, they received a call to repair a nest that was flooded with water up to the knees of the Noe Flamingo that lived there. Nina carefully folded neon green waterproof napkins to stop the flood and dry the nest. Nathan Nutcracker called for help because the tree that held his nest was knocked down.

Noelle Nunbird sat nervously reading a novel while Nero nimbly repaired the knotholes in her nest. Sir Nathan called to have a room added to his nest for his knighted suit of armor. The work cost him a nickel.

Nova Night-heron and her nephew Nolan and niece Nell, called for a nest repair in their kitchen while they were kneading dough to make knish and gnocchi. They gave a gift of lunch and necklaces to the nimble nine. The Nimble Nine dined on knish, knockwurst, gnocchi, noodles, nectarine juice, neeps,and neapolitan for dessert while neatly picnicking on their Navajo white knitted blanket on a grassy knoll. Noah nodded and sat under a Northern Oak tree for a ninety minute nap. Nikki cleaned after the picnic to not have the area visited by gnats. She packed the blanket in its knapsack and returned to the office to fill her nostrils with the sweet scents of narcissus, and nepeta in her green and navy gnome vase. When The Nimble Nine returned to the office at nine, they turned in the amount of $39.99.
What a neat start for The Nimble Nine Neighborhood Nest Repair Company!

The A Story

Addie Armadillo sprung out of her bed in Amarillo one sunny April morning. “It’s time for an adventure!”, she said. “I’ll call my adventure buddies Abigail, Ashley, Anna, Arnie, Allen and Aaron. Abigail lives in Arizona, Ashley lives in Alaska, Arnie lives in Austin, Allen lives in Akron, Aaron lives in Alabama,and Anna lives in Arkansas.”

“A new adventure? Sure I’ll be glad to come! I’ll fly my airplane to Amarillo tomorrow morning!.”,said Abigail Antelope.

“Great!”, said Addie.”I’ll see you tomorrow in the A.M.!”

Addie called her other buddies and they all agreed to meet her in Amarillo the next morning. 

It was sunrise and all of Addie’s adventure buddies arrived at her house.

“When does the adventure begin?”,asked Anna Aardvark.

“We’re ready to help you get this adventure going!”,Allen Antelope said.

“I’ll check the aqua-automobile and make sure it’s ready to go.”, said Aaron Ant.

“I’ve packed acorns, apples, almonds, avocados, apricots, ambrosia, amber honey, alfalfa, anchovies, and artichokes to start our adventure.”,Addie said.“Let’s head south to Houston to visit our buddy, Andrew Astronaut for some maps of our adventure and a little advice on what to see and what to avoid to have a great adventure!”,squealed Addie. “Get in the aqua-automobile and let’s get away!”
The aqua-automobile is a large car that is able to move on the ground and sail in the water like a boat.

In a matter of seconds, they were in Houston at Andrew Astronaut’s door.

“Hello Andrew!”,the adventure buddies yelled. “We’re here for your famous travel planning. What do you have for us?”, they asked.

“I suggest you start with the Amazon then go to Argentina, Antarctica, Australia, Asia, Africa, Austria, then cross the Atlantic with a short stop in the Arctic, then back home to Amarillo. You should have weather in your favor the whole way! Let me use some arithmetic to add the amount of fuel the aqua-automobile will need for your adventure.”

“Thanks, Andrew! We’re on our way to the Amazon!”, yelled Addie.

The adventure buddies all climbed into the aqua-automobile and drove south to Galveston, then across the beach and into the ocean. Addie turned on the large outboard motors and steered the aqua-automobile to the Amazon in South America. When they reached the mouth of the Amazon river, they decided to sail up the river instead of driving on land because there were no roads. The river was wide with lots of tree roots in the water and plants and vines along the river.

“There is a lot of rainforest along the river.”, said Anna Aardvark. “That means there are good termites and sweet large ants to eat!”

“Hey! Watch that Anna! Don’t forget that I’m here too!”, screamed Aaron Ant.

“Sorry! I didn’t mean you!”, said Anna.

“Maybe we will get to meet some of my cousins here.”, Aaron said.”There are some swimming up the river and they are carrying leaves.”

“Hello!”,Aaron called out to the ants. “Where are you going?”

The leader yelled back,”We are taking fresh food back to our mound for our queen. A
big feast is planned for the night. Where are you from?”

“North America.”, said Aaron. “We don’t dine on the same food as you, but we work
and live in mounds that we call hills. It’s nice to meet you!”

“Adios! We have to get this to the mound while it’s fresh and so we won’t drown
while swimming!”, said the leader ant.” Enjoy your trip and watch out for giant

“Giant anteaters!”,squealed Anna. “I have cousins here? Where are they?”

“Probably further inland in the rainforest.”,said Addie.

“Oh! Look! There’s one there near the bank! Hello there!”,yelled Anna excitedly.

The giant anteater waved back and continued digging for food. The aqua-automobile continued down the river passing very closely to some trees. Slithering out
of the river and onto a low branch of a tree was a long,large green snake!

“Watch out for that snake, Addie!”, yelled everyone in the aqua-automobile.

“My there are so many of you! Where did you come from?”, asked the large snake.

“We are from North America.”,said Abigail. “What is your name and what kind of snake are you?”

“I’m Asa Anaconda, at your service! I am a member of the largest and longest snake family in the world. My sisters and brothers live here also and are just as long and large as I am. You are so lucky that I ate my last meal an hour ago and I’m absolutely stuffed! All of you would make great meals for me! All of you would get a loving hug from me to thank you before you become my meal!”, said Asa. “I really love everything I eat!”

“Sorry, we can’t stay. We are out of time here on our adventure and must be going now. Adios, Good bye!”, said Addie. She stepped on the gas and sped away!
“Next stop is Argentina!”, yelled Addie.

“We’re here already?”, asked Abigail Alligator. “Look! That looks like one of my cousins, a crocodile!”

 “A cousin of mine too, a macaw!”, screeched Ashley Albatross.

 “I hear music! Let’s tango!”,  said Arnie Aardwolf.

 “Now it’s time for Antarctica! Get ready to put on your coats. It’s going to be cold.” The aqua-automobile sped up and drove from the Andes Mountains to Antarctica. It was starting to snow and everything was cold.

“I still feel cold even with these thick coats on!”, said Anna. “Look! The penguins are even leaving! It’s too cold for them too!”

“Yes, winter is coming soon. It’s autumn here. Remember?”, asked Addie.

“The seals and the walruses don’t want to get stuck in the ice.” , said Aaron.

“So much snow and ice!”,said Ashley Albatross. “It’s way too cold! It’s time to

Everyone agreed, hopped into the aqua-automobile and sped to the next stop, Australia!

“Wow! It’s really cool here!”,said Allen Antelope.” I expected it to be hot.”

“It’s autumn here in Australia. Whatever the season is at home, it is the opposite of it in Australia.”, said Addie. “It’s lunch time. Let’s find our Aboriginal adventure friends and join them for lunch.”

Alinga and Tau were quietly sitting under a large wattle bottlebrush tree on a colorful groundcover waiting for their picnic guests.

“Hullo! We have been waiting for you! Sit down and eat with us!”, said Alinga. “I have some cold fresh water to go with our food!”

Addie, Anna, Abigail, Ashley, Arnie, Aaron, and Allen all sat down to share and eat their apples, acorns, apricots, ambrosia, almonds, avocados, amber honey, alfalfa, anchovies and artichokes, while they drank the cold fresh water Alinga and Tau brought.

“Now that we have had lunch, let’s visit one of our special places!”, said Alinga and Tau.”We’re going to see Ayers Rock! We call it Uluru. It is very special to us. We are not too far from it.”

Everyone followed Alinga and Tau across the plain, down a path to a wide open area. It looked like a huge red rocky hill in the middle of a flat field. There were no bushes, trees or grasses growing on the mound. It was a big red rock.

“Wow!”,said Ashley.“That’s a big pretty rock!”

“I have never seen a single rock that big!”,said Arnie.

“There are no mountains around!”,Addie said.

“It’s my favorite color!”,cried Allen.

“We know!”,everyone said.”It’s RED!”

Everyone thanked Alinga and Tau for the wonderful lunch and for sharing their favorite place. It was now time to visit their next stop in their adventure, Asia.Everyone piled into the aqua-automobile and sailed off to Asia.  They arrived in Beijing, China at the Great Wall.

“This sure is a long wall. Did the Chinese keep in what they wanted or did they keep out what or whom they didn’t want.”,asked Ashley.

“It was meant to keep invaders out, but it didn’t do so well. They still came in.”, said Allen.

“It is big and long. It does make you think before walking in.”,said Abigail.

“It was also used as a border marker at one time.”,said Arnie.

“This old wall has lasted a long time!”, said Addie. “It’s time to visit the Terracotta Army!”

They all piled into the aqua-automobile and drove in a flash to the Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum. Inside, they saw the large clay figured army.

“They look like the plastic army men my brother used to play with, only bigger!”, said Arnie.

“When you are the emperor, I guess you would expect everything you own to be bigger!”,Anna said.

“They have everything they used, horses, arrows and wagons made of clay.”, said Abigail. “They did not forget anything.”

“The emperor must have had some great artists.”,Allen said.

“All the soldiers’ faces look different.”, said Allen.

“They are the same size as humans!”,Aaron said while standing on a soldier’s arm.

It was soon time to go to the next stop on the adventure.  They again piled into the aqua-automobile and soon arrived in Africa.  They stopped in Angola at the Kissama National Park.

“Look over there! It’s one of my cousins!”,said Allen Antelope.

“There are some of my cousins, too!”, cried Arnie Aardwolf.

“There are three of my cousins over under that tree!”,squealed Anna Aardvark. “Let’s go say hello!”

All three went to their cousins and chatted about living in Africa and about living in the United States. They shared some of their foods and then said goodbye.

“We will have to arrange for them to visit us like we are visiting them!”, said Allen and Ann.

“We sure will! We will make it a great adventure for them!”, said Addie. “Now we must get to our next stop, Austria.”

“Again they all piled into the aqua-automobile and before they knew it, they were in St. Anton am Arlberg, Austria.

“We are right in the middle of the Austrian Alps! It is so wonderful!”, said Addie.

“We need to come when it’s ski season!”, said Aaron Ant. “I’m a pro on the snowboard!”

“We are here to visit Arnold Affenpinscher. He is going to show us a few things.”, said Addie. ”There he is over there at the train station.”

“Hallo everybody! Herzlich Willkommen, Welcome!”,greeted Arnold. “Let’s go to my cottage at the top of the hill over there.”

“It is so beautiful here!”, everyone said all together.

They arrived at Arnold’s cottage and ate a small snack of cheese, grass, and grubs with fresh mountain spring water.

“Let’s take turns playing the alpen horn!”, said Arnold. “I’ll show you how it’s done. Arnold took a deep breath and blew a short song on the alpen horn.
Everyone took turns blowing on the horn.  Of course, Aaron Ant was the best on playing the horn.

“The alpenhorn used to be the phone, long ago, for the farmers who lived in the Alps. The sound travels a long way in the mountains.”,said Arnold. “They also used laling or yodeling to call each other between villages or when they were moving. It’s hard to carry an alpenhorn in your pocket while you are taking a walk!”
Arnold yodeled for his guests and they all joined in on a short song.

Addie announced, “It’s time for us to say farewell and thank you, Auf Wiedersehen, Vielen danke!”

“Everything was great! We had a great time!”,said Allen and Aaron.

“You must return! Goodbye and have a safe trip!”,said Arnold.

They all piled into the aqua automobile parked at the train station and before they knew it they stopped in Iceland.

“We are making a short fuel stop here in the Arctic in Iceland. Let’s enjoy the Northern Lights for a few minutes while we refuel!”, said Addie.
Everyone sat and enjoyed looking up at the beautiful light show in the sky. Soon, it was time to go and they sailed back to Addie’s home in Amarillo.

“That was a great adventure!” ,said Allen.


“We must do another soon!”,said Aaron.


“That was just absolutely fab!” ,said Abigail.


“That was a repeater!”,said Ashley.


“Awesome adventure!”,said Arnie.


“An adventure of a lifetime!”,said Anna.


“ An amazing adventure!”,said Arnie.

“I must say this adventure had something for everyone. We will do it again soon!”, said Addie.”I’ll work on an Awsome August Adventure!”

 All of Addie’s friends boarded their airplanes and flew home.

The T Story

“This is Torrence Tasmanian Devil with the Television News at Ten.”

“Television News at Ten is brought to you by Tank Truck Transport of Texas.”

“Today, Terry Tiger tap danced while his friend Tony Turtle tiptoed across the stage during the retired teachers’ tea party. It was a success. The teachers did not perform their familiar tirade when they find the monthly talent sub-par.”

“Tuesday, Terry will tango on stage with Tanya Tayra at the Tropicana Theater. This will be a show you will not want to miss! Tickets go on sale today at two.”

“Tonight be sure to watch Chef Tippy Turkey on his new show, “Top Turkey Creations”. This episode features his new twist on Thanksgiving dinner using tamales, tacos, taquitos, and tortillas. Watch “Top Turkey Creations” every Thursday at ten, nine central time on this station.”

“….And now a word from our sponsors….”

“You need your tank of liquid hauled from Tennessee to Texas? Just telephone 281-232-13-30 Tank Truck Transport of Texas!,” sang Timmy Tarantula, the country music star.

“This afternoon, Tammy Talapoin, the travel agent, traveled to Taipei, Taiwan and tasted teriyaki, tofu and tiramisu from a tray at a special tea house. You can see more of Tammy’s travels on her show, “Travel with Tammy” today at three pm. ”

We just got breaking news! Theresa Tamaraw is at the scene”.

“We are here for the grand opening of the Twinkling Twin Towers.  They are the tallest apartment and hotel towers in Toledo. Twinkling Twin Towers are taking applications for the toughest apartments and the hotel is already booked.”, said Theresa.

“Thank you, Theresa,” said Torrence. “We will be back after this.”

“Tummy Tummy is so yummy taste our tuna, tilapia, and trout. Eat it with our tartar sauce or without! Take the number ten train to Thirteenth street and fill your tummy at Tummy Tummy’s!”, sang Taffy Tortoise.

“Don’t miss Tommy Tawny tuco-tuco tactfully talking and tasting a twenty-two-gallon tank full of truffles sitting on a table to make the World Book of Records. This will be happening Thursday afternoon at three, so don’t miss it! ”

“ Timothy Tapeti cried thirty thousand tiny terrible tears as he tore the tape and tar from his fur after a terrible fall today. ”

“…..And now for our sports…..”

“The table tennis team was very technical about taping targets on the taxis to practice for the tournament next week. They say when they use this method, they usually win.”

“The Tornados will be playing the Tallahassee Twisters tomorrow in a triple header at Weather Station Field.”

“Now for By the way moments.”

“The Timber Terrace trash day will change from Thursdays to Tuesdays.”

“That’s all the news today for Television News at Ten. Thank You for watching! I’m Torrence Tasmanian Devil. Be sure to get the latest Television news by watching Television News at Two. Until tomorrow, have a Terrific Tuesday!”